Company Profile
Brand Extension Research was founded in 1981 by Dr. Edward M. Tauber. Prior to this, he worked as a research director for a large food manufacturer and a major advertising agency. Dr. Tauber was a professor of marketing for a major university and editor of a marketing trade journal. He has a Ph.D. in Marketing from Cornell University. During his entire professional career, he has specialized in new product development and research related to that area. He has published articles and books on new product research and on brand extension.
Partial Client List:
Advertising Research Foundation
Alpine Electronics
Armor All
Avery Label
Dole Food Company
Catalina Marketing
Data Development Corp
Dreyers Ice Cream
Gardenia Cheese Company
Golden Grain
Honda Motorcycle
Kraft – General Foods
General Mills
Hershey Foods
Indian Motorcycle
Lawry’s Foods
Leo Burnett, Advertising
M&M Mars
Max Factor International
McKinsey & Company, N.Y.
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Nestlé Food Company
No Touch Automotive Group
Pacific Telephone
Power Bar
Price Pfister
Procter & Gamble
S.C. Johnson & Son
Scott Paper Company
Stuart Enterprises
Thompson Vitamin
Toyota Motor Sales
Tyron Runflat America
Young & Rubicam

Click here to read a collection of original articles written by Edward M.Tauber, introducing the concept of Brand Extension.

More than 50 Brand Extension Studies conducted on brands such as:
Hershey Dole Chloraseptic Snickers
Carnation PowerBar Reese’s Duracell
Nestlé Yoplait Contadina ArmorAll
Merle Norman M&M’s Jif Clorox
Crosse & Blackwell Bumble Bee Citibank Bounty

What We Offer
Here is what we do for each client:
  • Provide a systematic approach to actively identify those brand extensions with the best chance of success, based on consumer research.

  • Use proprietary techniques developed and tested over 30 years – both qualitative and quantitative.

  • Identify the key elements of “Fit” and “Leverage” to guide brand extension selection.

  • Uncover the “Definition of the business” of the brand based on consumer perceptions.

  • Develop alternative new brand extension product concepts using the leverage points identified.

  • Test these concepts for consumer acceptance and sufficient leverage to gain competitive advantage in new category.

  • Develop a “Brand Plan.” This is a short, intermediate and long term vision for where the brand can go without dilution.